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Chris Shields The ARTS

- Our Story -

As a family owned and operated business deeply rooted in the heart of the entertainment world, we hold steadfast in our belief of nurturing and empowering aspiring artists as they chase their dreams. At our core, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support to every individual who walks through our doors, ensuring they never have to face the journey alone. We are not just a company; we are your companions on this exhilarating path, standing by your side through auditions, triumphs, and challenges alike.

Our commitment to aspiring artists is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We firmly believe that success in this industry goes beyond talent—it's about the dedication, the resilience, and the unyielding passion that fuels your journey. Our mission is to be your pillars of strength, your mentors, and your cheerleaders, all rolled into one. From the moment you step into our nurturing environment, you become part of a community that values collaboration, growth, and camaraderie.

Just as the entertainment industry evolves, so do we. While the landscape may shift, our unchanging dedication remains the same. Kim's exceptional audition technique is matched only by her ability to make each participant recognize their inherent worth and significance. Regardless of age, background, or skill level, we see the potential in every individual. This personalized touch is what sets us apart, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity, acceptance, and encouragement. Kim has also personally trained our entire scouting, advising, and coaching teams.

Because, well, as you'll often hear: "this is her show."

Our collective journey transcends business transactions; it's a shared flight that binds us as a family. We are not only invested in your success but in your personal and artistic development as well. This holistic approach extends beyond auditions and encompasses education, training, and the showcase of your incredible talents in our renowned talent show.

Moreover, we take immense pride in our extensive network of trusted relationships with agents and casting producers, individuals we have collaborated with for many decades. These connections serve as a bridge, connecting our aspiring artists and models with opportunities that align with their aspirations. Our long-standing partnerships are a testament to our integrity and the respect we've earned in the industry. These agents and casting producers share our values and commitment to nurturing talent, ensuring that you're in the hands of professionals who understand your potential.


We understand that the entertainment industry can be intricate and daunting, and that's why we are here—your constant companions navigating the gray areas, embracing challenges, and celebrating triumphs. So, whether you're stepping into the limelight for the first time or seeking to refine your craft, remember that you are never alone on this path. With us, you're not just a participant; you're an integral member of our artistic family.


Together, we'll embark on this journey, inspire one another, and create a legacy that resonates far beyond the stage.

ARTS Staff
Chris Shields The ARTS
ARTS Staff

- Our Mission Statement -


An Important Note on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion


Our #1 goal in everything we do, is to make sure people feel valued and respected; from the employees in our office, to the agents we invite to our showcase, and people just like you who audition for us each year.


By creating an environment free from prejudice and discrimination, respecting the rights of everyone, and not just accepting individual differences, but fully embracing them, we’ve seen our business grow. More importantly, we’ve seen individuals flourish and develop their talents…even discover new talents, as they venture into fresh experiences.


It’s our hope that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, what you believe…no matter your age, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs…that you’ll feel accepted and loved by our ARTS Family. 

ARTS Showcase
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