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Official Request for Sponsorship

Since 1995, Applause International has presented The ARTS 
and it has been one of the most respected acting, talent and modeling organizations in the
country. Over the years, ARTS has developed an unprecedented and often duplicated
audition process for finding new faces and bright talent while maintaining the highest
level of honesty, safety, and respect for each individual.

The ARTS is designed to educate and safely showcase our best and brightest new models,
actors, singers and dancers to the top agents, managers and casting directors. 
Participants have opportunity to meet, learn from, perform for and interview with talent scouts
from major markets all over the country, like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,
Atlanta, and Miami.  Additionally, we have agents who join us from Canada, Japan, Milan, and more.

Many novel performers have launched national and international careers with us. In fact, nearly 85% of our

participants have received one or more callbacks at our previous events.
In 2023, over $1,00,000 in scholarships were offered to a vast variety of our participants.



We are so excited and grateful you are here and we'd love to help facilitate your donating towards an aspiring artist/model.  

Perhaps, someone in your area has auditioned and was selected by an ARTS National Talent
Scout. This qualified potential participant may need assistance from your community
in order to prepare 
for this opportunity. Their success may depend on your
involvement. Please consider helping a bright, talented new face that may be
tomorrow’s star!

OR maybe you are a supporter and believe in what we do, and would like to give back or pay it forward. 

Currently we are receiving donations for one of our upcoming ARTS Showcases:

ARTS Summer Orlando

Orlando Marriott World Center

July 3-7, 2024

Orlando, FL


ARTS Winter 

January 2025

Please contact Christina if you have any questions: 

Be sure to offer as many details you can in your email, especially if you are donating to a specific participant.

Please Note:

Any donation of $100 or more will receive a place on our website AND in our ARTS showcase magazine for our generous sponsors!

If you are a recipient of sponsorship, you can find your agreement here, please obtain the password from your scout.

Donate Now

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

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