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July 1, 2023

We're excited to share that our bimonthly newsletter lines up perfectly with our upcoming 31st Semi-Annual Showcase! It's all happening from July 4th to July 9th at the Orlando World Marriott Center. So mark your calendars and get ready for an amazing event!

Just a heads up: our newsletter looks best when viewed on a desktop.

A word from our Executive Producer

From the desk of Kim Myers:


31 shows under our belt!!! Every year, the aspiring artists we scout for our show never cease to amaze me. The talent, the gifts, the energy—I know this summer will be no different. I cannot wait to see everyone! I cannot wait to see lives change, careers launch, and the almost-audible joy that will fill the halls at the Orlando World Marriott for six days. I always tell my artists I want to make the list of the "Top Ten Things You’ve Done in Your Life."

 It is truly my hope.

After many years, on and off the road, caring for my parents, I have a deep need to publicly tell my staff thank you for always stepping up and being there. God rest my sweet momma’s soul. I know she is looking down on all of us and is still so proud of what we have accomplished and what we have yet to accomplish. I carry her and everything she ever taught me with me every minute. I also know my daddio, whom many of you know as Artie Ray, is holding his cup of coffee, wishing he could talk up all the artists who will be performing. He loved watching each one of our alumni in the spotlight. Both of my parents have been massively influential on my career, and I only hope I can honor them in all that I do, as they so deeply loved The ARTS.

This past January, I rejoined my team and went back to scouting full time. I have found aspiring artists all over this country, and I am so excited to share them with our agents and casting directors. Speaking and encouraging others to not give up on pursuing their passion has always been at the heart of who I am as an individual. To watch a young person, without any self-esteem, walk into the room and rip out a song that brings me to my feet, leaves me a space to pour into them so many things they might not have heard before. It's life-giving to be back on the road.

To empower them is to leave myself feeling empowered.

This year has brought some changes for us. As with any business, we choose to evolve to meet the needs of our artists, panel of agents, and casting directors. You’ll notice some face changes on our dream team. You’ll notice an updated website. You’ll notice a new online store. All of these things matter to us, and we want to share them all with you.

If you are here because you are an aspiring artist, I do want to take this opportunity to share my heart with you, if you’ll let me. Your gifts and talents matter. Your passion to pursue the performing arts or fashion industry matters. WHO YOU ARE matters. You hear me? Don’t let self-doubt stop you from doing what you know to be true for you. Your art, your dream, and your career are just as important as any other career field. The industry NEEDS people like YOU. The circle in which you share your dreams needs to be very small. There are people out there who will try to steal your joy and your drive. Don’t hand it to them.

 Hold your dreams and ideas close to your chest and keep pushing forward.

As I close, please know I am so very proud of each and every one of you who will share the stage in July. I will be there, as I have promised so many times, on the front row, cheering you on. 

I’ve got your back always.

Featured Agent

Marie P. Anderson

by: Marlana Glaeser


During my conversation with Marie, I was uncertain about what to anticipate. Being immersed in the realm of trauma and equipping others with trauma-informed knowledge, I felt a sense of solace in knowing that Marie's voice resonates strongly in safeguarding individuals pursuing a career in modeling. As we exchanged our stories, I couldn't help but root for her and express my gratitude for her role as an advocate for the next generation.

In the following section, you will find some of the questions I posed to Marie and discover how she utilizes her voice to foster healing, empowerment, and encouragement, while urging others to utilize their own voices. One key insight I gleaned from our conversation is the significance of finding our tribe in this world. Long before the #metoo movement gained momentum, Marie stood as a pillar within the community of aspiring models who are also survivors. She seizes every opportunity to speak out on the importance of self-protection, ensuring that models feel safe under her guidance by connecting them with like-minded agents. As she emphasized, "Agencies and businesses she closely collaborates with are an extension of her brand, just as she is an extension of theirs, hence the significance of representation." Marie places great importance on fostering relationships that embody meaning, depth, and authenticity.

For decades, she has partnered with the ARTS, drawn by the "family-friendly environment" we cultivate. It is vital for her to engage in spaces where she can ensure the safety and protection of individuals while prioritizing her own mental well-being. As we progress towards becoming more trauma-informed and strive to establish secure spaces for artists who have experienced abuse, Marie's presence becomes all the more crucial in the relaunch of our newsletter.

MG: How long have you been working in the industry and how many of those years has been with Applause International?


MA: Technically, since I was a child, I have been in the industry. Professionally, since 1980. I have been with The ARTS for decades, easily. So 40+ years? In short, my entire life (She chuckles as she searches for the timeline.) 


MG: What has been your biggest takeaway while working with us, how has it impacted you?


MA: That's a long list, so I will try to keep it short. The family philosophy of ARTS is what continues to keep me closely aligned with them, as it is an extension of my brand. So we are an extension of each other: family oriented, g-rated, empowering people, and making sure they have a wonderful experience to talk about for life.

 My two favorite models I found are from the ARTS, and I still manage them, so it's a phenomenal place for me to be scouting. As well as networking with other agents and being a speaker. They allow me to share my truth. Some events muzzle me, and The ARTS doesn't do that. I have not been invited back to some events because they choose to sell fantasy instead of the truth, verbatim.

MG: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is pursuing  the industry of fashion/modeling?


MA: Establish your core boundaries early on, so they can help navigate every decision and act in your life, as well as your career path. My core values are integrity, faith, and courage. I tell them they can borrow my values if they need to!

MG: What is the most important thing to you, as an agent, when working with someone?


MA: I need to know they are like-minded and that they will behave with integrity, faith, and courage. If someone doesn’t agree with my way of working, I will not even look at a contract. Boundaries are so important, and for those you work with, you know?


MG: Oh I do know. Sometimes we just need to hear it is okay to say “no.”



Marie went on to share that suicide prevention is at the heart of her work. As someone who has lost dozens of friends (most of whom used to work in the industry), she has vowed to be a continued advocate for those who have not had the courage to speak out. In her spare time, as a second-degree black belt in Shidokan karate, you will find Marie in the Chicago Fitness Center, teaching women self-defense.

 Thank you, Marie, for sharing your time and being such an important, valuable human in the industry, as well as a lifelong friend to The ARTS and Applause International.

To read more about Marie P. Anderson, take time to read her very extensive bio found in important links at the bottom of this page!

Instagram: @mariepandersonofficial

Featured ARTS Alumni 

Molly Miller

It's Been Ten Years!


Molly Miller, a remarkable Hollywood Stunt Double, has embarked on an extraordinary journey from cashier to thriving in the entertainment industry. Standing at 4 feet 4 inches tall, Molly's unique stature has made her a sought-after stuntwoman for children, despite being an adult herself.

Born and raised in Ohio, Molly's passion for the arts led her to attend the ARTS, where she began honing her acting skills and exploring background work. Determined to make her mark, she joined a local stunt team, gaining invaluable experience. A significant turning point came when Molly attended an Open Call with Kim Myers, which led to an invitation to the ARTS in 2013 and eventually prompted her move to Los Angeles.

Since 2014, Molly has been cast in a multitude of projects, including notable appearances in Love the Coopers, Grey's Anatomy, The Originals, Bunk'd, Family Reunion, Raising Dion, Magnum P.I., The Mandalorian, 911: Lone Star, Roswell, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things, Salem's Lot, Hombre, and many more. Her incredible journey also includes significant stunt work in James Cameron's AVATAR, where she worked alongside him as her boss. Molly has also recently walked the red carpet for her stunt work  in the new movie: Boogeyman.

Molly's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the realization of dreams. She continues to inspire others with her remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry, proving that with dedication and determination, dreams can truly come true.

Instagram: @mollymillerstunts

Featured Organizations

Please take a moment to explore the following organizations, which hold special significance to our featured individuals. Familiarize yourself with each organization to gain a deeper understanding of their missions and values.

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Upcoming Annoucements

September 1st, 2023 - Our next newsletter

July 19-21st, 2023 - Open Call Auditions GA/FL with Kim Myers

July 26-29th, 2023 - Open Call Auditions TX/NM with Kim Myers

July 26-29th, 2023 - Open Call Auditions Ontario, Canada with Brooke Smith and Ashley Myers

December 5-10th, 2023 - The ARTS Burbank

We'd love to answer your questions or receive feedback!  Please feel free to email us at the following if there's anything we can do or if you're an ARTS Alumni who would like to be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters!

Orlando Artist and Alumni - Keynote

Jason Griffith


Jason Griffith, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, embarked on a thriving career in the entertainment industry. Starting at the age of 15, he joined a talent group led by Kim Myers, attending modeling and talent conventions. His journey led him to meet his first agent, John Shea, who offered representation in New York City. Jason's 20-year tenure on the East Coast encompassed theater productions, on-camera roles, and breakthroughs in voice-over work, including voicing Sonic the Hedgehog in the TV series, video games, and promotions. He also contributed his voice to various animated series and engaged in ADR and loop group sessions with acclaimed directors. Since his move to Los Angeles in 2018, Jason has continued to excel in his craft, dubbing foreign TV shows and films into English for prominent platforms. Jason's unwavering passion and commitment have propelled him to a successful and fulfilling career in the entertainment world.

Jason will be our keynote speaker and be offering workshops at our 2023 Orlando Showcase.

Featured Dream Team Member

Chrissie Hardie

We are proud to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our esteemed Applause dream team members who have played an integral role in our organization. Among them, Chrissie has been a standout figure, making significant contributions to our showcases and working closely with our artists throughout the years. As Chrissie embarks on a new chapter following her involvement in Orlando this year, we believe it is fitting to shine the spotlight on her in this month's feature. Read on to discover more about Chrissie and the profound impact that The ARTS has had on her personal and professional journey.

1. How long have you been with Applause International/The ARTS?


My story goes way back! I have known Kim Myers since the mid-90s (I was 15 or 16), and she has always had a special place in my heart, as I love her passion.

I was actually an ARTS Director in 2015–2018 (I brought my own group to the ARTS a few times). I became an ARTS Advisor in January 2021–present.


2. What's been your biggest takeaway?


Working in the talent industry is the most rewarding job or experience that one can have. Seeing people's lives change or transform after attending the ARTS is like none other. There isn't a script or roadmap to this industry, as everyone has the opportunity to take whatever path they choose. Whether it's pursuing an acting or modeling career or learning the backend of the industry and becoming a producer, agent, or photographer, the opportunities are endless.


3. What's your most memorable moment or experience?


The most memorable experience is seeing talent soar. You meet talent that has beaten the odds to make it to the ARTS stage. Usually our talent has been surrounded by doubt, and they even doubt themselves, but they had just enough courage to believe in themselves to come to the ARTS. The way they come in and leave the ARTS experience is night and day. They leave with more confidence, industry knowledge that takes most people years to learn, and a network of industry connections and new friends. Being the change or encouragement that someone needs is priceless!


4. What's one thing you would share with an artist who is pursuing the industry?


This is something that I wish someone would have told me: In this industry, your only limit is yourself. Keep moving... behind every not yet or no is another opportunity opening. Don't limit yourself to just one path.


5. If you're willing to share, where are you headed to next and what have you learned from Applause that you will be taking with you?


The one thing that I will take away from the ARTS is the compassion that our organization has for others.


Any parting words?


I love being part of the ARTS. I know I may be leaving, but deep down, I know I won't be gone for long. ARTS is so much more to me than a "job", it truly is a sense of family.I love working with talent and like they say: If you love what you do.... you will never work a day in your life. This is how I view working with the ARTS. There is a quote I love and try to embrace myself: Follow your Dreams or you'll spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.


This is not's simply see you later.

A Success of Another Kind

Chad Michael Broskey

Owner of Heyman Talent Agency

by: Marlana Glaeser

At Applause International, we believe in redefining success for artists. We take this moment to emphasize how your connection with us, participation in our showcase, and embracing the wealth of knowledge we provide can propel you towards remarkable and unforeseen heights on your artistic path. Chad, who initially crossed paths with Kim Myers at the age of 15, now stands on the other side of the industry as an agent, attending the show. With 20+ years of invaluable experience under his belt, Chad possesses an extensive network and profound understanding of the intricacies of the performing arts industry. His journey led him to discover his true calling as the owner of his own agency.

Furthermore, in light of Pride Month, we take pride in highlighting the exceptional achievements of an LGBTQ+ individual who thrives despite the challenges posed by our current climate. Chad utilizes his platform to foster safe spaces and actively contributes to the heart of suicide prevention through his dedicated volunteer work with The Trevor Project.

Without further ado, let us delve into Chad's personal account as he shares his remarkable story in his own words.



MG: What did you REALLY want to be when you grew up?

CB: Well, if you asked me at age 10, I would have said a dentist. I was always obsessed with nice teeth. I actually liked (and still do) going to the dentist. This was all before I found the entertainment business, of course. 


MG: How old were you when you first were introduced to applause and if I may ask, how many years has it been? I know, I know this tells your age, but follow me here!

CB: I was 15 going on 16. (Insert a song from The Sound Of Music here.) It has been 20 years—almost to the day—since I attended my showcase with Applause.


MG: Kim talks a lot about Sliding Doors and how one decision can change the trajectory of our life.  How has that one moment changed the trajectory of your own life?

CB: I can wholeheartedly say that I wouldn’t be where I am if I had not attended the showcase so many years ago. As a kid growing up in Kentucky, I had no idea of the opportunities that were out there for me in entertainment until they were staring me in the face when I walked into that ballroom in Orlando. It completely changed the trajectory of where I went and what I pursued, which ultimately brought me to where I am today. And not only did I find my path and direction from the showcase, but many of the industry professionals I "auditioned" for at the showcase back then are now friends and colleagues today.


MG: What were you aspiring to become initially?

CB: An actor/singer/dancer.  I trained in musical theatre and dance. My plan was to graduate from my performing arts high school and head to NYC to pursue a career on stage. Instead, I went to the opposite coast and pursued a career in film, TV, and modeling.


MG: Where are you now and does it look like where you thought you’d be?

CB: I am now the owner of Heyman Talent Agency, the largest SAG-franchised talent agency in the Midwest region. I honestly never thought I would own an agency of my own, especially at a semi-young age (he jokes). but I did have an idea of getting into the "other side of the industry" at some point. I always enjoyed this side of it, and I ended up falling in love with it more than being in front of the camera myself.


MG: As an agent and long time friend to Applause, you have also assisted with the highlight of The Trevor Project/Love wins at our showcase. Why is this important to you?

CB: First, I want to say that I am proud that Applause has taken this platform at the showcase. It’s important, and it allows the talent who attends the showcase to have a safe space where they know they are loved and heard. This year, I told the team I would like to be more involved and possibly even speak about how the stories of the Trevor Project have impacted me and my life. Actually, the Trevor Project highlight at the showcase is what pushed me to join the crisis support team for [the organization] just last year. I have worked with hundreds of young queer people in my life as a mentor and teacher, and it is life-changing for many of them to have someone who is safe, has been through what they have been through, and identifies as part of the community they know they are a part of.


MG: As an LGBTQ person who has pursued this industry, and with the current climate, what’s one piece advice you could offer a young queer person walking a similar path?

CB: I think the business world (and the world in general) is different than when I experienced it as a young person. But there is still work to do, of course. I would say that it is important that you live in your truth and don’t conform to something that other people want you to be. There is a path that is meant for everyone, and you won’t be truly happy or reach your goals if you don’t live authentically. The things that make you YOU, are the reasons why you will succeed.


MG: Lastly, as we walk into our summer showcase in Orlando, how many shows will this be for you and what are you looking forward to most? 

CB: Oh wow, I’m not sure I can put an exact number on how many showcases I have attended since my beginning. But, if I'm doing my math correctly (and deducting a few I missed when I was on tour around the world with Norwegian Cruise Line), I would ballpark around 25–30 showcases in 20 years time.

As always, I am looking forward to meeting another crop of aspiring talent and imparting guidance and advice with the knowledge I have gained over the past 20 years of working professionally in the biz.

Instagram: @chad_broskey

Last but not least...

Below you will find the links for Marie P. Anderson and Heyman Talent (with Chad Broskey). Please take time to explore these incredible individuals further. 


Thank you for taking time to learn more about what's happening with us at Applause. As you can see, we are always moving and evolving so we can better support our artists who are working in the industry of performing arts and fashion. If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please simply send us an email to info@artsdreamteam with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line, and we will remove you from our list. Thank you so much!

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