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"I would read these if I were you....because well.... they're the most frequently asked questions!"
-Kim Myers


1. Will it cost me to audition for Applause International?

No. All auditions are complimentary and you are given audible professional feedback at every audition at no cost.

2. Is Applause International/The ARTS an agency?

No. We are not an agency. However, we work closely with many agents, managers, casting directors, and producers.

3. How do I know if you are holding an open call audition near me?


You can check out our "Audition Registration" page, as we are constantly updating new cities we plan to be in!


4. What should I bring with me to an audition for Applause International/The ARTS? 

You can check out our "Audition Expectations" page for our audition guidelines and commercial scripts. 

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